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Namvic Team

Chris Sandmann
Owner Chris is the owner and founder of Namvic Tours & Safaris. As one of Namibia’s most successful guides he knows the country like the back of his hand and is the perfect person to be responsible for your voyages throughout Namibia.
Ana Sandmann
Financial Manager Ana is Namvic’s financial manager and general organizer. She always knows what needs to be done and what is the next step. The perfect traits to be in charge of Namvic’s finances.
Joekie van der Heever
Operation Manager Joekie is everywhere all the time. Always there to sort out everyone’s problems and our 24/7 emergency number. Everyone knows he can be counted on day and night to solve any situation and always with a smile and a joke.
Lara Knickel
English Safaris & Vehicle Hire Lara never stops. You are bound to communicate with her at some point, whether it be to book your vehicle or your safari. Lara will make sure you get everything you want out of your holiday for your budget.
Nadia Majiedt
Accountant Nadia is our numbers woman. Working hand in hand with Ana and ensuring everyone is paid on time she is responsible for the smooth running of Namvic’s accounts.
Beatrice Visage
Office Manager Beatrice always has everything everyone needs. As office manager she brings everyone’s hard work together to bring the client the complete package. Get your itinerary, vouchers and rental contract from her when you arrive at Namvic.
Pascal Assémat
Bookings, France Pascal loves Namibia so much he spends his days planning tours of Namibia for our French clients from his home in France. Every year he comes back to Namibia to keep his expansive knowledge up to date.
Olivier Fabien
French & English Guide
Olivier is our local Frenchie. A natural safari guide born on the wrong continent. His extensive studies in biology and ethology helped him quickly qualify as FGASA trained guide in South Africa. A passionate wildlife photographer, he uses his hobby and skills to make our client’s safaris a cut above the rest.
Stacey Hookins
French & English Guide Stacey is one of our French speaking guides originally from England. Growing up in England & France she dreamed of living in Africa close to animals. Now she combines her knowledge of biology and the tourism industry to guide clients and create adventurous itineraries.
Anna Kostromitina
Bookings, Russia From her office in cold snowy Moscow, Anna connects with our Russian clients who are looking for a bit more heat. After visiting Namibia and loving its wild range of wildlife, she uses her first hand experience to create personalized itineraries for each new client.
Tatiana Anokhina
Bookings, Russia Tatiana is our link across continents. Communicating between our Namibian office and her Russian clients, Tatiana ensures there is no language barrier between our guides and clients.
Jaco Bonthuys
English Guide
Greeted by Jaco’s grin, you know you are in good hands. His extensive knowledge of Namibia and many years as a professional guide will ensure you an informative and adventurous experience through the deserts and savannahs of Namibia.