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Fly-In Safari in Namibia

For some, the biggest downfall of travelling in Namibia is the many hours spent on the road. So Namvic has found a way around that for you. Fly-in safaris are the perfect alternative. Why watch the long road fly by out your car window when you can fly over the cars that are on the road? Fly-in safaris will get you from A to B in the quickest time possible allowing you to make the most of Namibia’s wonderful lodges and excellent hospitality. With a fly-in safari, you can go to whichever lodge you want, from wherever you want, your itinerary is fully customizable, just tell one of our tour consultants what you want and we will make it work for you. Only with a fly-in safari can you see the full diversity that Namibia has to offer in just a couple of weeks. So escape the crowds on the ground and explore Namibia’s most unique lodges hidden in the rolling dunes or rugged Damaraland and have that real sense of solitude in the African desert.

Namvic will book all of the flights included in your fly-in safari with the most reputable companies in Southern Africa. For Namvic, your security is always our priority, closely followed by giving you the safari of a lifetime.

Namibia is known for its breathtaking landscapes and rightly so, and the best way to see them is from the air. The Namib desert changes from colour to colour as you fly north, and even with the setting sun. Make sure you have your cameras ready for your fly-in safari, because you will see painted desertic landscapes that you will not want to forget.

Many lodges in Namibia and Botswana can only be accessed by plane. This is especially true in far out areas like the Kaokoland in the north western regions of Namibia and the spectacular Okavango Delta in Botswana.

The best lodges in Botswana are found in the center of the Okavango delta and are surrounded by water. This abundance of water, a precious resource in Southern Africa, creates a haven for the wildlife of Botswana. Your fly in safari can include a direct flight to your lodge allowing you to fly high and get to your destination rapidly, or you can ask one of our tour consultants to arrange for you a scenic flight to your lodge. In this case your pilot will fly you low over the desert or delta, allowing you to really take in the spectacular scenery and identify the elephants and giraffes below you. We also highly recommend that you ask for a scenic flight when going from the Namibian coast to the Namib desert (or vice-versa) on your fly-in safari as this is the most beautiful area of the country as seen from the skies, and if you are lucky you’ll follow a few Ostrich, springboks and oryx as they wander through the desolate dunes.