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Guided Camping Safari in Namibia

One of the best ways to visit Namibia is to do a camping safari. Camping allows you to really feel close to nature and it is also a great way to meet others.
On a guided camping safari you can spend your evenings sat around the fire discussing all the wonderful things you have seen throughout the day with your guide.
Allow your guide to share his extensive knowledge of the fauna and flora of Namibia throughout the day and then in the evenings discuss with them what it is like to live in such a beautiful African country.

Having a guide can really enrich your whole Namibian experience and it also allows you to relax and make the most of each activity without worrying about organizing and planning your tour or even driving!

10 Days Forgotton Tracks of Kaokoland

This guided tour give you the opportunity to experience the wild north west of Namibia. Explore these wild areas with your guide sleeping under the stars and tracking desert elephants, lions and black rhino, if you get lucky visit one of the the Himba tribes in the area.

13 Days Namibian Explorer

This two week safari gives you enough time to visit most of the highlights of Namibia on a camping tour. Discover Etosha National park , Damaraland, Swakopmund and Sossusvlei.

Some areas of Namibia are appreciated so much more when on a guided camping safari rather than on a regular tour. For example, camping at the foot of the Spitzkoppe mountain is truly a magical experience. Set up your tent while your guide starts a fire and explore the mountain on foot. Hundreds of bush paintings dating back thousands of years can be found around the campsites. Cooking meat on the fire next to a four-thousand-year-old painting of the original inhabitants of Africa is a humbling experience.
The area where you will really profit from being on a guided camping safari will probably be Etosha National Park. On your guided camping safari in Etosha you will spend your days discovering the incredible diversity of fauna that the parc has to offer. Your guide will take you to all the best spots and use his knowledge of the parc and animal behavior to help you find that special species you are after. In the evenings make the most of one of Etosha’s highlights: the floodlit waterholes in each camp. Few national parks in Southern Africa have this feature so it is not to be missed when in Namibia.

For your guided camping safari Namvic will provide you and your guide with all the camping equipment you will need. From everything necessary to cook on gas or over the fire to your tents and bedding, just bring along your towels and you will be all set to go.

Namvic prides itself on taking our clients on a true African adventure and that is exactly what we do in our special Damaraland guided camping safaris. Our guides will take you far off the beaten track to areas that most tourists never see. Damaraland is one of our favorite areas to take our clients due to its magnificent landscapes and the presence of incredibly resistant animals such as desert elephants, black rhinoceros and even the infamous desert lions.