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11day Namib & Damaraland Explorer

11day Namib & Damaraland Explorer - Self-Drive - Camping
Southern Namibia - Sossusvlei - Swakopmund - Damaraland - Damaraland - Damaraland - Skeleton Coast - Waterberg Plateau National Park
10 Days / 9 Nights

11 Day Sossusvlei, Swakopmund & Etosha Safari


The Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Etosha Tour, is a 11 day camping safari, and is a good starting point for those with less than two weeks to spend exploring Namibia, but still allows for some sightseeing and day tours either side of it. It manages to visit the essential highlights of the country, from Windhoek to the Namib Desert, over to the Atlantic Coast, and then to wildlife of the Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia.

RO: Room only
SC: Self Catering
HB: Half Board
B&B: Bed and breakfast
D, B&B: Dinner, bed and breakfast
FB: Dinner, bed, breakfast and lunch
FB+: Dinner, bed, breakfast, lunch and activities daily
FI: Fully inclusive


Accommodation and meals as per itinerary
Toyota hilux double cab 2016 model
Safari package includes: zero excess, tyre/windscreen damage, sat phone, gps, fridge, 12v pump, 2 spare wheels.
Activities as per itinerary
Standard camping Equipment

Day 1: Namibgrens Guest Farm, Southern Namibia

Southern Namibia

Southern Namibia offers a harsh but beautiful environment, from the Orange River up to the Central Namibian highlands and between two deserts Southern Namibia is epitomized by vast, slowly changing landscapes.

Namibgrens Guest Farm

The farm Namibgrens runs in the Rabie family since 1940. The old spacious farmhouse has been renovated and turned into a relaxed haven surrounded by a lovely garden. The summer temperatures is not very high, 10°C lower than that of the Namib desert and 5°C lower than Windhoek.
The large garden and abundance of water create an ideal environment for bird watchers with a variety of all types of species. Views from the 1850 meter high escarpment into the Namib desert are breath-taking. The farm can be explored by foot on well marked hiking trails from 2 hours to 3 days or by going on a 2-3 hour game / farm drive. A 4X4 self-driving trail takes the visitor on a challenging and picturesque adventure, with overnights (Granite Rock Camp) and camping grounds at the farmhouse and in the mountains. For the mountaineer, on offer are hiking trails up and around mountains 2700 meter high.


Self Catering

Day 1: Namibgrens Guest Farm, Southern Namibia

Directions - Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH] to Namibgrens Guest Farm

• Head south toward B6 (0.6 km)
• Turn right onto B6 (39.7 km)
• Turn left onto Jan Jonker (1.9 km)
• Slight left toward Robert Mugabe Ave (0.3 km)
• Continue onto Robert Mugabe Ave (2.1 km)
• At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit (0.6 km)
• At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Sean McBride (1.9 km)
• Turn left onto Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue (0.7 km)
• At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Rehobother Rd/B1. Continue to follow B1 (87.9 km)
• Turn right onto C24 (38.6 km)
• Turn right onto D1261 (33.5 km)
• Turn left to stay on D1261 (22.7 km)
• Turn right onto D1275 (6.2 km)
• Turn right. Destination will be on the left (0.4 km)

Day 2: Sesriem Campsite, Sossusvlei


Sossusvlei is where you will find the iconic red sand dunes of the Namib. The clear blue skies contrast with the giant red sand dunes to make this one of the natural wonders of Africa and a photographers heaven.
Aside from the attractions at Sossusvlei - Dune 45, Hiddenvlei, Big Daddy and Deadvlei - other attractions in the area include the Sesriem Canyon and Namib-Naukluft National Park, where the mountains of the Namib meet its plains.

Day Itinerary

Travel via the Spreetshoogte Pass, one of the steepest and most scenic passes in Namibia, and onto Solitaire and the Namib Desert Lodge. Already, the desert feeling is here, no fences and miles of desolate but beautiful Namib Desert view. Enjoy that first 'sundowner' drive to the fossil dunes.

Overnight: Sesriem Campsite

At the entry to Sossusvlei is Sesriem Canyon, At the foot of the gorge, which plunges down to 30 to 40 m, are pools that become replenished after good rains. Located perfectly at the entry to Sossusvlei inside the park gate is Sesriem Camping, right beside the gate into the desert and just a short drive from Sesriem Canyon where centuries of erosion have incised a narrow gorge about 1 km in length.
It is perfect for campers who want to experience the beauty of the Namib Desert with the sun setting over the Elim dune then the stars emerging until they fill the sky above you and the clicking of the desert barking Geckos and distant howl of the Jackal. Sit by the fire and imagine what you will.
After a good nights rest its up early (one hour before sunrise) for a drive to the sossusvlei where you can climb a sand dune and watch the colours change as the sun rises over the horizon slipping its morning warmth over the Namib desert dunes. Sesriem derives its name from the time when earlier pioneers tied six lengths of rawhide thongs (riem) together to draw water from the pools. Accommodation at Sesriem is provided in 24 campsites. Facilities found there include a gas station, convenience store and a secure parking area.


Self Catering

Directions - Namibgrens Guest Farm to Sesriem Campsite

• Head east toward D1275 (0.4 km)
• Turn right onto D1275 (44.3 km)
• Turn left onto C14 (9.3 km)
• Turn right onto C19 (71.1 km)
• Turn right onto D826 (11.8 km)
• Slight right at C27 (0.4 km)

Day 3: The Stiltz Hotel, Swakopmund


Founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South West Africa, Swakopmund is often described as being more German than Germany. Now a seaside resort, Swakopmund is the capital of the Skeleton Coast tourism area and has plenty to keep visitors happy. The quirky mix of German and Namibian influences, colonial-era buildings and the cool sea breeze make it very popular.

Day Itinerary

Back on the road and more beautiful Namibian scenery this morning, make your first stop in the small town of Solitaire.
From here turn directly west and cross the “gravel plains” on your way to the Atlantic Ocean. stop for a light lunch at Rostock Ritz. Meeting the ocean at Walvis Bay.
There are a host of adventure activities to participate in while in Swakopmund. These range from sandboarding through quad biking to sky-diving. No activities are included in this package but they can be pre-arranged when you book this itinerary or left for you to arrange on arrival is Swakopmund
Being a German inspired town good food and beer is never hard to find, so we are sure you will find something productive to do!

Overnight: The Stiltz Hotel

This new accomodation is unique in every aspect. It offers the most spectacular views in Swakopmund overlooking either the Atlantic Ocean, the river-bed or the sand dunes and the bird rich lagoon at the river mouth. If that does not take your breath away, the architecture of these wooden bungalows built on stilts will. Each private bungalow has been attended to in the finest detail, interlinked by wooden walkways to the others and to the main dining bungalow. You will feel in a different space, yet you are only minutes away from the charming town centre with plentiful restaurants, loads of activities and all the amenities you could wish for... That is if you really feel like leaving your bungalow!


Bed & Breakfast

Directions - Sesriem Campsite to The Stiltz Hotel

• Head southeast toward C27 (0.4 km)
• Slight left onto D826 (11.8 km)
• Turn left onto C19/M36. Continue to follow C19 (71.1 km)
• Turn left onto C14 (230 km)
• At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto B2 (1.2 km)
• Continue onto B2 (31.0 km)
• Turn left onto Cordes St (0.1 km)
• Turn left onto Hendrik Witbooi (0.1 km)
• Hendrik Witbooi turns right and becomes Swakop St (0.4 km)
• Turn left onto Am Zoll/Strand St (0.3 km)

Day 4: Mowani Mountain Campsite, Damaraland


Huge, untamed and ruggedly beautiful Damaraland is an exceptionally scenic landscape of open plains and spectacular rock formations. The major attractions are Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, Vingerklip and the Petrified Forest.

Day Itinerary

Damaraland is a stunning Wilderness area. The southern regions are home to Brandberg Mountain as well as the world famous rock paintings of Twyfelfontein, the Petrified Forest, Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain which you will visit on arrival in TwyfelfonteinMost lodges offer excursions to seek out the elusive desert elephants and other wildlife and we highly recommend this activity to our clients.

Overnight: Mowani Mountain Campsite

Mowani offers campers 7 stunning campsites with individual bathrooms facilities; hot water provided by a 'donkey', flushing toilets and private kitchen wash-up areas. All sites offer stunning views of the area.


Twyfelfontein Rock Art - a World Heritage Site boasting one of the richest rock art concentrations in Africa. Thousands of tourists come to this site each year to view some 2, 500 Stone Age rock engravings. The area is home to 17 rock art sites, which collectively encompass 212 engraved stone slabs. There are an additional 13 sites displaying rock paintings.


Cape Cross Seal Colony
This colony of Cape Fur Seals is one of the largest in the world, home to approximately 80 000 to 100 000 of these so-called 'seals', which are in fact a species of sea lion. Day trips to the colony are offered and the seals can be viewed from a walkway at a distance of roughly 200 metres.



Directions - Sophia Dale Base Camp to Spitzkoppe Campsite

• Prendre la direction ouest sur D1901 vers B2 (0,8 km)
• Prendre à droite sur B2 (110 km)
• Prendre à gauche sur D1918 (17,9 km)
• Prendre à droite sur D3716 (11,7 km)
• Prendre à gauche sur D1925 (3,2 km)
• Tourner légèrement à droite (0,9 km)
• Rester sur la file de gauche. Votre destination se trouvera sur la droite. (2,3 km)

Day 5: Gai–As Fountain Wild Camping, Damaraland

Day Itinerary

Depart from MOWANI MOUNTAIN CAMP(or similar) in the early morning. The next four days will be spent tracking down the famous desert elephant as well as the threatened black rhino in the 5000 km² private concession area of Palmwag Lodge. From there, the routing follows into the Hoarusib River, where there are good opportunities to encounter the desert adapted elephant and lion. Your return journey takes you through Fort Sesfontein.

Overnight: Gai–As Fountain Wild Camping


Full Board

Day 6: Kaias Fountain Wild Camp, Damaraland

Day Itinerary

Breathtaking landscapes in mountainous area teeming with game welcome the guest - springbok, oryx, kudu, ostrich, jackal, zebra, giraffe, hyena, occasionally lion, leopard and cheetah provide excellent photographic opportunity for wildlife photography in this vast open infrastructure less wilderness area. With a bit of luck encounter the endangered black rhino (Bicornis Bicornis) and the famous desert elephant, which roam the area in absolute freedom.

Overnight: Kaias Fountain Wild Camp


Full Board

Day 7: Kaias Fountain Wild Camp, Damaraland


Full Board

Day 8: Hoanib River Wild Camping, Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast

Known by the Bushmen as the "land God made in anger" the Skeleton Coast is remoteness at its best. Thousands of miles of sandy desert dotted with shipwrecks meet with the cold waters on the Atlantic and somehow an amazing array of wildlife and flora manages to survive in this harsh but beautiful environment.

Day Itinerary

After breakfast enjoy a short hike for a brief inspection of the night's game activities around camp. The journey continues into the upper Mudorib River with a good chance of encountering black rhino or desert elephant in this dry and harsh desert environment. Arrive in the Hoanib River, a dry river bed densely overgrown with nutritious acacia trees providing the necessary fodder for the desert adapted elephant. Optimal chances to encounter one of the breeding herds of these giant creatures during the following game viewing drives through the valleys and side arms of this unique natural paradise.

Overnight: Hoanib River Wild Camping

The Hoanib River Wild camp is situated close to the Hoanib River, in a remote region of Africa, where the desert landscapes of Kaokoland meet the Skeleton Coast. The camp provides a relaxed haven from where guests can explore the land. The rugged mountains and canyons of the Hoanib River provide a refuge for some of the continent's unique wildlife.


Full Board

Day 9: Waterberg Resort, Waterberg Plateau National Park

Waterberg Plateau National Park

Named for the springs that emanate from its foothills, the Waterberg Plateau National Park is a fascinating geological site of compressed sandstone crags, 200-year-old dinosaur footprints, and petrified sand dunes. The area’s natural water sources make it far more fertile than its environs and the park is blessed with a plethora of plant and animal species, including leopards, rhinoceros, vultures, cheetahs, bush babies, ferns and fig trees.

Overnight: Waterberg Resort

Waterberg Resort is the gateway to the Waterberg Plateau Park, one of the most spectacular features of the northern region, towering some 200 meters above the surrounding landscape, with sheer cliffs and fascinating rock formations. The Waterberg Resort has recently been re-developed. Accommodation is provided in comfortable premier bush chalets, two and four bed bush chalets and double rooms, all nestled along the base of the Waterberg Plateau cliffs, among towering trees.
The restaurant, bar and kiosk are housed in the historic Rasthaus, originally built in 1908 and used as a police post for several years. The open air swimming pool with a view of the Plateau above is the perfect remedy for the weary guest. The Camp also has a shop and a camping site available.


Self Catering

Day 10: Departure

Day Itinerary

After breakfast, pack up and head back to Windhoek.
drop off your vehicle and get dropped at the airport for your onward travels.

Directions - Waterberg Resort to Hosea Kutako International Airport [WDH]

• Head southeast toward D2512 (1.1 km)
• Turn right onto D2512 (17.0 km)
• Turn right onto C22 (41.3 km)
• Turn left onto B1 (147 km)
• Turn left to stay on B1 (69.0 km)
• Take the exit toward B1 (0.8 km)
• Turn left onto B1 (0.6 km)
• Continue straight (0.2 km)
• At the roundabout, take the 1st exit (1.8 km)
• Turn left onto Nelson Mandela Ave (3.1 km)
• Slight left toward Sam Nujoma Dr (64 m)
• Slight left onto Sam Nujoma Dr (1.6 km)
• Slight left toward B6 (0.2 km)
• Slight left onto B6 (38.6 km)
• Turn left. Destination will be on the right (0.6 km)