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Tailor made tours

Namvic Tours and Safaris specializes in individual tours. We provide a wide range of services, from a simple camping tour costing no more than 10.000 NAD per person to luxury 5* flying safaris at over 10.0000.000 NAD.

If the traveler wants to experience a real wild trip in open nature, he will need to go camping with a guide – this can be done throughout the whole tour, or just part of it. The guide can drive with the traveler or in his own vehicle in front. We provide trips through Damaraland concession from 3 days or more, with our guide and assistants. These types of adventures can also be done over the Skeleton coast, round the Okavango Delta in Botswana and on the south side of Angola. This is the best way for travelers to see and feel the real rhythm of Africa – sleeping in a tent, surrounded by wild animals, driving over dunes or fishing with locals certainly make for an unforgettable safari.

If the traveler prefers silk sheets and a bath tub, then we can add a bit of luxury to the camping tour and mix adventure and excellent African hospitality. Or even go as far as creating a full luxury itinerary with extraordinary activities supervised by our best guides.

Namvic have its own fleet of 80 4×4 vehicles – there is plenty of variety to choose from, getting the most comfortable car for each individual safari. We provide 24 hour back up service with a full vehicle replacement within 12 hours. Vehicles can be delivered to South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe or any place in Namibia. Travelers can include a flight in their safari or make it fully by air. Namvic tour consultants reply within 30 minutes and will provide individual itineraries on the same day. Travelers can choose between high and low season rates for vehicles and accommodation to create their best ever African adventure for the best price and to create great memories.

If you want to start planning your adventure, message us below or send an email to Lara or Stacey

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