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Tailor made tours

When spending your hard-earned cash on a holiday, why spend it on a package holiday made for someone else when you can spend it on a tailor-made safari just for you. With our tailor-made safaris we listen to what you want and make sure the African adventure you get is perfect for you. The difference between each individual’s tailor-made safari can of course be the price.

Some want 5* luxury while others would like to stick within a small budget and enjoy camping in the desert. Our tailor-made safaris will make sure that whatever you want fits into your budget, with the accommodation and activities that you want. Our tailor-made safaris our created by our great team of tour consultants who are constantly learning about the next great place to discover in Namibia and the surrounding countries. Namvic prides themselves in knowing the far-out places, off the beaten track, whether they be luxurious or rustic. Just contact our tour consultants for your tailor-made safari and discuss in detail with them what sort of holiday you are searching for. After learning what sort of things you like and you don’t, they will create your tailor made safari and send you your unique itinerary and together you can tweak it to make it perfect for you. From the activities, to the accommodation and the vehicle, we will discuss all aspects with you, even the level of insurance and the inclusion of all the possible extras for your rental vehicle (GPS, compressor, satellite phone…), can be discussed with our tour consultants.

Every safari we create is unique, and this is what makes Namvic special. We give you not just a tailor-made safari but also a unique exchange directly between our tour consultants and yourself, no intermediaries or miscommunication present. The more information we have concerning you and the sort of adventure you are searching for the better your tailor-made safari will be. As it is our own tour consultants who develop your unique tailor-made safari, it is of no extra cost to you to get a personalized trip. We understand that every one of our clients is different and that each one deserves a tailor-made experience. At Namvic, we are proud to bring tourists to our beautiful country and share all the amazing places we love most in Namibia. Started by Chris Sandmann, a reputed Namibian guide for many years, Namvic still wants to give the best personal experience and memories to each client.

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