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Aventure Damaraland Hoanib

Your adventure begins when you meet your guide at 9:00 am in Palmwag. You go for 3 nights and 3 days of safaris (or 2 days and 2 nights) in remote and little known places (very few accessible without guide).
Always keep in mind that each meeting is unexpected, that nothing is acquired (it is neither a zoological park, nor Etosha and that nothing guarantees the meeting with the elephants, lions or black rhinoceros (bicornis bicornis), who roam the region in complete freedom. This is an adventure off the beaten path, unique. You'll be in the vehicle on sometimes chaotic tracks that might seem trying and sometimes long.

You are in your vehicle and you follow the guide (possibility also to be with the guide in his vehicle).


Three full days in search of the animals populating the concession in breath-taking landscapes. This mountainous region is home to many species of animals that move with the pasture and resources on vast territories.



The search for animals is based on the traces found and the route will continue through rich valleys, river beds and many gorges. You will spend many hours searching for a new trail of black rhino, lions or elephants. In case of meeting, we will follow the guide for a few hectometres on foot in his tracks (optional obviously!), Hoping to have the opportunity to enjoy the striking and mesmerizing encounter with one of these behemoths in their natural habitat.



You will go further north in the Palmwag concession to the Hoanib River bed (dried 11 months a year). This river is fascinating, it is an ecosystem in itself and also the border between Damaraland and Kaokoland. Various animal species live there, including the desert elephant walking great distances every day in search of food and water. You will camp in one of its beautiful side valleys.


Our specially modified vehicles will be put to the test when we negotiate off-piste. We will meander through this prehistoric landscape to cross the incredible wildlife that has adapted to this hostile landscape. Species that survive here also include Hartman's zebra, oryx, springbok, giraffe, ostrich, jackal, kudu. Dinners will be prepared by the guide and you will enjoy the silence and solitude of the desert while sipping your drink at sunset.



The Palmwag concession is located near the Uniab River. The lodge and surrounding areas, formerly reserved for agricultural use, were later developed into a big game hunting concession. However, as popular interest in the area has increased, the hunting camp has been revamped and transformed.


You will end your experience in the wild bush by Ongongo Warmquelle in the natural pool (water at 22-25 ° C), if you start with Palmwag.


Superior version

Nights in wild camp, with an assistant who takes care of mounting the tent domes (with camp bed, mattress, pillows), help at the camp, the dishes ...

Camp: tents for 2 and showers and removable toilets, meals prepared by the guide: breakfast, meal with meat, vegetables and starchy foods, dessert, wine, water, sodas and beers included, cooked breakfasts.

Intermediate version

3 meals a day, shower and non-individual toilets, breakfast, picnic and dinner with meat, vegetables and starchy foods, dessert, water, table wine, sodas and beers.

Standard version

You assemble and disassemble your equipment yourself, meals prepared by the guide: 3 meals a day, breakfast, picnic and dinner with meat, vegetables and starchy food, dessert, water. As there is no assistant help is required for the storage of the camp.


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