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    Namvic Tours & Safaris is owned and operated by Namibians who are passionate about mother nature and its well being. We understand why tourists visit Africa and realize that for some people who have never been to Africa before, it is a life long dream come true!

    Our Signature Tours

    Even though all Namvic tours are tailor made we have some classic tours that we can base those changes on and give you inspiration for your perfect trip in Namibia.
    Get inspired with these signature Namvic Tours.

    Our Vehicles

    Our fleet of 4x4s are specially adapted to the rough Namibian roads and whether you are lodging or camping we provide all the equipment you need. All you need to do is bring a change of clothes, some sunscreen and a smile! If you have any special requests please just let us know and we will do our best to provide you with what you need.

    Why Namvic

    As Namibians we are proud of all our country has to offer. This is why we take our time to create a personalized itinerary for each and every client. So whether you are coming for the dunes and the fascinating geology or our stunning display of wildlife, we will make sure that your once in a life-time trip corresponds to exactly what you want for your budget.

    We have an intimate team of travel consultants who know the country well and specialize in finding you the authentic himba visit or cozy guesthouse in the desert. In Namibia knowing the latest road conditions as well as the newest desert activity is vital and we are always up to date so as to best advise our clients.

    Being both ethical and sustainable are both extremely valuable to us and we keep this in mind with all the bookings we make. Ask our consultants how you can play your part to only leave footsteps in our deserts. We know travelling to Southern Africa can be a big trip for some, so please do not hesitate to chat away with us so that you can arrive feeling safe, reassured and ready for adventure.

    All Risk Cover

    Namvic Tours and Safaris in the only rental car in Namibia that now offers all risk cover to its customers.


    Planning a trip to Namibia and come sometimes be a bit overwhelming.
    We have prepared all the information we think you may need to not only plan your trip in detail, but also use correctly all the equipment we provide you with.

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