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    Air Compressor

    1. Connect the compressor tube to the compressor as demonstrated at the Namvic office.
    2. Plug the compressor to the 12V socket (car “cigarette lighter”) or straight on to the battery if equipped with clamp pincers (red on positive pole / black on negative pole).
    3. Start the engine.
    4. Screw the air compressor output tube to the tyre valve.
    5. Turn on the compressor using the on/off switch and wait for the air to be pumped in.
    6. Turn off the compressor and unscrew the output tube.
    7. Check the tyre pressure using the pressure gauge provided.
      If the pressure is too low, repeat from step 4 to 7.
      If the pressure is too high, use a pointy object (such as the car key) to push the inner of the tyre valve and release the air.
    8. Once all the tyres are at the required pressure, turn off the engine, unplug the compressor and store it in its box after you disassemble the tube from it.

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