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    Guided tour to Victoria Falls

    N$64000 per person

    This 21 night tour takes you through three countries in Southern Africa, from the deserts of Namibia, to the elephants of the Chobe River in Botswana and the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. In Namibia alone you will see a wide range of landscapes. Your tour will start with the famous sossuvlei dunes and deadvlei then you will travel north via the western side of the country, through varying desertic regions and mountains such as Spitzkoppe and the highest of them all, Brandberg. You will then head east towards Etosha National Park for a few days of safari. Your guide will be vital during this time to take you to all the best spots to see lions, rhinos and elephants. Travel through the Caprivi strip where everything becomes so much greener and water is more abundant until you arrive in Botswana. Here you will explore the Chobe riverfront in the national park where you will see hundreds of elephants and buffalo. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is the perfect ending to this life-changing tour.

    Accommodation: A mix of campsites in ideal locations and comfortable lodges. More lodging towards the end of the itinerary so as to relax.

    Reminder: All Namvic itineraries are tailor made to your budget and preferences. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to modify this itinerary so that it suits you best. This is just an example of what we can do for you.

    Day 1:

    Your guide will greet you at Windhoek airport where he will wait for you at arrivals. Depending on your flight times and the amount of sleep you managed to get on the plane, your guide can either take you straight to your comfortable hotel to relax or on a city tour of the capital, Windhoek.
    Lodge: Villa Moringa. Basis: DBB

    Day 2:

    The adventure begins today! You will head south west into the Namib desert after going food shopping with your guide in Windhoek. As you will be sleeping in the national park you have access to the dunes until later than everyone else. Make the most of it and enjoy watching the sunset from the top of Elim Dune.
    Campsite: Your first night camping will be in the national park at Sesriem Campsite. Basis: FB+

    Day 3:

    This morning you will wake up extra early to head into Sossusvlei before the sun even rises. Climb to the top of Dune 45 to see the first rays light up the highest dunes in the world. Then head over to the famous trees at deadvlei, maybe climb Big Daddy then finish the morning at Sesriem Canyon. After a spot of Lunch at Sossusvlei Lodge relax by the pool as you will have had a very active morning in the heat.
    Campsite: Sesriem Campsite. Basis: FB+

    Day 4:

    Your guide will take you north today via the Kuiseb Canyon and Gaub pass with a quick stop at the Tropic of Capricorn. Arrive on the cool misty coast and get a few photos of the Walvis Bay flamingos before going to the quirky town of Swakopmund where you will spend the night. Your guide will recommend a great seafood restaurant by the Atlantic Ocean.
    Lodge: Meike’s Guesthouse. Basis: FB+

    Day 5:

    A full day at Sandwich Harbour with a guide awaits you. See where the dunes meet the ocean and the quiet harbor surrounded by the Nara melons, a vital resource for the local Topnaar tribe who used to live in this area. After a lovely picnic lost in the sand sea of the dunes, your guide will take you on a roller-coaster ride up and down these sandy waves.
    Lodge: Meike’s Guesthouse. Basis: FB+

    Day 6:

    This morning make the most of the town and buy a few souvenirs if you wish, you will not see any other real towns for quite a few days. A short drive, mainly on tar road, will take you to the epic Spitzkoppe. Stop on the way to have a look at the wide range of crystals, gems and semi-precious stones at the crystal market. Your guide will then drive you to Spitzkoppe where you will set up camp in a spot of your choosing. Next discover the Bushman’s paradise, an impressive area full of ancient bush-paintings.
    Campsite: Sleep amongst rocks that will take you back in time at Spitzkoppen Campsite. Basis: FB+

    Day 7:

    Enjoy the sunrise and last few hours at this beautiful mountain before heading north towards your next mountain camp. Brandberg looks very different to your previous stop due to its large domed shape. It is called the burnt mountain as the minerals in it flicker black and red as though it is on fire as the sun sets. This afternoon your guide will take you searching for the desert adapted elephants that often reside in this area.
    Campsite: Brandberg White Lady Lodge and Campsite. Basis: FB+

    Day 8:

    From here you will head further north into Damaraland to get to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Twyfelfontein. This area has an incredible collection of rock engravings dating back thousands of years. Hundreds are on display and many more still lay hidden in between the rocks. A friendly local guide will show you around and interpret their meanings. Tonight’s camp is hidden between typical Damaraland boulders, making you feel hidden from all civilization.
    Campsite: Mowani Mountain Campsite. Basis: FB+

    Day 9:

    Continue your travels through the changing red landscapes of Damaraland. Your guide will take you for a day trip into the Palmwag concession in the afternoon. You will advance slowly but surely while looking for desert adapted elephants, giraffe, zebra, springbok, and if you are very luck even a black rhinoceros. End the day over looking the fabulous klip river valley from the top of Grootberg mountain.
    Lodge: Grootberg Lodge. Basis: FB+

    Day 10:

    This morning relax a bit at Grootberg Lodge and make the most of the view. You will then leave Damaraland via the north and head into Kaokoland. Get your swimming costume ready as you will go for a picnic and a quick swim in the warm natural springs of Ongongo before continuing to your destination, Camp Aussicht. Upon arrival, explore the dioptase and chrysocolla mine dug out by hand by your host Marius. He also built the rooms you will be sleeping in!
    Lodge: Camp Aussicht. Basis: FB+

    Day 11:

    Camp Aussicht is often our client’s favourite place to stay in Nmaibia, partly due to its rugged appeal and location up high in the Kaokoland mountains, but also for the unique experience of visiting a local Himba tribe. This morning your host will take you to visit a Himba tribe that he has known for over thirty years. We encourage you to talk to the Himbas and ask both them and Marius questions. Also share information about your life to encourage conversation both ways.
    Lodge: Camp Aussicht. Basis: FB+

    Day 12:

    Opuwo will be your first destination today. It is a large town that is usually busy and people watching is always interesting here. People of various tribes all come here for the supermarkets and other necessities. It is a great example of a mix between the modern world and Namibia’s traditional lifestyle. Quite a few more kilometers await you this afternoon but all on smooth tar roads. Upon arrival at the Hobatere Reserve, enjoy a sundowner at the restaurant overlooking the waterhole and animals.
    Lodge: Hobatere Lodge will provide you with a bit of luxury west of Etosha National Park. Basis: FB+

    Day 13:

    A full day of safari awaits you in the infamous Etosha National Park. Wake up early and leave as soon as the sun rises to get the best chance of seeing lions on the move. Your guide will take you east to Okaukuejo while stopping at all the waterholes along the way. As it is your first day in the park your camera’s memory card is sure to fill up quickly. Each waterhole is different, and you never know what you might see. This western area is very popular with both elephants and black rhinoceros.
    Campsite: Okaukuejo Camp in the center of Etosha National Park. Basis: FB+

    Day 14:

    Last night you probably didn’t sleep much as you made the most of the floodlit waterhole at Okaukuejo. But do your best to head out early as the animals do not wait! The roads around Okaukuejo have lots of great waterholes and this region is very popular with wildlife. You will probably spend a lot of time at Nebrowni waterhole as there is very often lions and elephants there. Enjoy a slow pace, wandering through the open plains, so that you can see even the smallest of creatures that your guide will point out to you.
    Campsite: Halali Camp. Basis: FB+

    Day 15:

    You will continue to the eastern side of the park today. First stop will be the look out point right on the pan. It is not to be missed as you feel like you are on another planet. You have great chances of seeing black rhino and cheetahs further east. Your guide will take you to Chudop waterhole, a favourite for elephants. If you are very lucky you may even spot the resident leopard at Klein Namutoni. Enjoy a yummy three course meal when you arrive at the beautiful Emanya Lodge just outside of the park.
    Lodge: Emanya. Basis: FB+

    Day 16:

    Today you get back onto the main roads to start the drive north east into the Caprivi Strip. The road is long today but in excellent condition. It is also interesting as you will see an incredible change in scenery as you cross north over the veterinary line (this stops diseases from spreading). North of the line the fences disappear, and the cattle, donkeys and chickens roam free. The way of life is more traditional but also harsher in this region with most living in traditional huts. You will see that Rundu, your first stop, is a very busy town. People travel from far to get their essentials here. Continue along the main tar road until you turn off at the almost non-existent town of Divundu and follow the river to Ngepi Lodge.
    Lodge: Ngepi Lodge. Basis: FB+

    Day 17:

    You will spend the day in the Mahango National Park and see if you can spot the rare roan antelope. The wildlife in this region is very different to that of Etosha thanks to the presence of lots of water and humidity. Expect to see lots of hippos and crocodiles. You will not have seen these animals elsewhere in Namibia due to the dry climate in all the other regions. Buffalo, lechwe and lots of mischievous vervet monkeys can also be found here.
    Lodge: Ngepi Lodge. Basis: FB+

    Day 18:

    The adventure through the Caprivi continues. You can either use the nice tar road to get to the lodge quickly today and make the most of the lodge’s beautiful open restaurant along the river and large rooms; or take the slower path through the Bwabwata national park. Discuss with your guide which you would prefer. Bwabwata is known for lots of elephants and if you are very lucky, also some wild dogs. Talk to your guide about adding an extra activity this afternoon, a boat cruise from Namushasha Lodge. This is always a great way to see animals from another point of view.
    Campsite: Namushasha River Lodge and Campsite right along the river. Basis: FB+

    Day 19:

    This will be your last day in Namibia. Head to Katima Mulilo, the most eastern large town in Namibia and a crossroads for those travelling from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Your guide will then help you go through the border posts to leave Namibia and enter Botswana. You will still have all afternoon to slowly make your way to Kasane via the beautiful Chobe National Park.
    Lodge: The Old House, Kasane Botswana. Basis: FB+

    Day 20:

    Chobe is an incredible park to explore along the river front. The park has one of the largest elephant populations in Africa and lions and leopards are regularly seen here. By the river you will see an incredible array of birds, from pelicans to waders to fish eagles… The river also attracts all the wildlife from the park so this is the best place to be. You will quite likely see herds of hundreds of buffalo, that are often followed by a pride of hungry lions.
    Lodge: The Old House, Kasane Botswana. Basis: FB+

    Day 21:

    Wake up early this morning as you have an exciting day ahead. Your guide will show himself very useful today as you go through the sometimes long and complicated process of passing the Zimbabwean border post. Once through you will head into the town of Victoria Falls. The town offers many great places for lunch but we recommend the stunning Victoria Falls Hotel. Then discover the natural World Wonder that is Victoria Falls. Take your time to see it from every angle while your guide shares lots of information on the falls. Depending on the time of the year, cover up well as you will likely get wet! Dinner tonight will be in a restaurant of your guide’s choosing in Victoria Falls.
    Lodge: Pamusha Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Basis: FB+

    Day 22:

    Today is your last day in Zimbabwe and your guide will take you to Victoria Falls airport. If you have time, we can book one of the many activities available around the falls. We recommend the Flight of Angels to see the Falls from above in a helicopter.


    DBB: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
    FB+: Lunch, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Activities as per itinerary

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