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    Southern Adventures in Namibia

    N$15800 per person

    Southern Adventures in Namibia is an ideal tour for those looking for something different going off the traditional roads and want to discover more areas of Southern Africa favoured by the locals. The tour will take you through two different countries, Namibia and South Africa, concentrating on the variations of desert landscapes. You will witness strange and wondrous flora and fauna amongst enchanting deserts. From ghost towns to oceans, this is sure to be an adventure you will never forget.

    Accommodation: A range of campsites and lodges mainly on a self-catering basis

    Reminder: All Namvic itineraries are tailor made to your budget and preferences. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to modify this itinerary so that it suits you best. This is just an example of what we can do for you.

    Day 1:

    Our handover agent will be the first friendly Namibian face you see at the airport as they greet you at arrivals. We provide a free transfer from the airport to our office where you will pick up your 4×4 and sign the paperwork. We will explain how to use the 4×4 mode and we will also provide you with all the documents you need to go over the Namibian borders.
    Lodge: Your first night will be in the pretty Happy Days guesthouse created by Namvic next to our office. Basis: DBB

    Day 2:

    For the first half of this itinerary you will be heading south. You will have your first glimpses of the Kalahari desert from the main road before setting up camp in the red rolling Kalahari sand. We suggest you stock up on supplies in Windhoek before leaving the capital. Don’t miss a sundowner with Kalahari Anib lodge for the best views of this beautiful semi-desert.
    Campsite: Kalahari Anib Campsite. Basis: SC

    Day 3:

    You enter into South Africa today when you arrive at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This park stretches between both Botswana and South Africa but you will concentrate on the southern side. Despite it being covered by the Kalahari desert there is actually a large quantity of underground water here which allows many trees and grasses to flourish, providing food to the large variety of animals, both predators and prey in the park.
    Campsite: Set up camp for your first night in South Africa at Matamata Restcamp by the dry Auob river bed. Basis: SC

    Day 4:

    Drive south across the park almost, to its southern border, to Twee Rivieren Rest Camp. Here you will be just a stone throw away from Botswana. As you drive through the park in the thick sand you will most likely need to make use of your 4×4 skills. You are sure to see many herbivores such as springbok, oryx, eland, wildebeest and red hartebeest and if you are lucky a few predators like lions and even leopards. It will be a long and slow drive today but you will have plenty of time tomorrow to search for more wildlife.
    Campsite: Twee Rivieren Campsite. Basis: SC

    Day 5:

    Take your time today to explore the park further or go back to some places you enjoyed yesterday. The park is home to over 200 species of birds so make sure you look above to see the many vultures and raptors that circle the park from above.
    Campsite: Twee Rivieren Campsite. Basis: SC

    Day 6:

    Brush off all the Kalahari sands you have somehow managed to accumulate in your vehicle and luggage and exit the park to head to a very different area. Still in South Africa you will now visit another protected area, the Augrabies Falls National Park. Still an arid region, but along the Orange river, the falls are impressive by the noise they make as they fall from 60m high. Another site that will certainly catch your eye is the unusual quiver trees, a giant tree aloe, typical of this region.
    Lodge: No camping tonight so enjoy a room at Augrabies Falls Restcamp. Basis: BB

    Day 7:

    Today you enter back into Namibia and sleep on the banks of the beautiful Orange river that separates the two countries. This is a tranquil area surrounded by vinyards, perfect to sit back and relax a bit or just wander through nature on foot. Of course, many water activities are on offer and we highly recommend kayaking on the Orange river, the best way to do some birding.
    Lodge: Self catering Chalet at Norotshama River Resort. Basis: SC

    Day 8:

    Start driving north deeper into Namibia to get to the second largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon. Surprisingly, you can find at least a small amount of water running through the canyon most of the year. This allows a large number of animals to live in the area, such as many antelopes and large eagles. Visit the canyon throughout the day to see how the sunlight reveals the canyon’s depth as it rises.
    Campsite: The eclectic Canyon Roadhouse is always a favourite. Basis: SC

    Day 9:

    If you wish, you can visit the canyon one last time today before heading further north back onto the tar roads. Aus is famous for its wild horses in the area and seeing them in such an arid landscape certainly makes you appreciate how difficult it is just to survive in these areas. The waterhole that they frequent is also a great spot to take a drink and watch the sun go down.
    Campsite: Klein Aus Vista. Basis: SC

    Day 10:

    We suggest you get up early this morning to get to the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop as the sun is still low to get the best photos. This enchanting town has some incredible stories to tell and we highly recommend you take both the guided tour and get the photography permit which allows you to explore further and for longer. There are many houses to see and many great photography opportunities so you may be there for a while. Once you are done visiting Kolmanskop continue just a little further to get to the coast. Please be careful of the sand on the roads and often strong winds.
    Lodge: Self Catering room at Island Cottage. Basis: SC

    Day 11:

    As you leave the coast and turn north towards the heart of the Namib desert you will be amazed by the spectacular landscapes and variations in shades of orange and red in the mountains and sand. The best views are certainly from tonight’s campsite at Kanaan. We recommend a sundowner to appreciate it even more. Kanaan also has a range of animals including cheetahs that have been rehabilitated so there are many activities to do here if you arrive early.
    Campsite: Kanaan Na’ankuse Desert Retreat. Basis: SC

    Day 12:

    Continue along the famous D707 and stop for a coffee in Betta. A surprising little village comprised of just a fuel station and a couple of farmers but with a well stocked shop and lovely little café. Further north you will reach the private Namib Rand Reserve, one of our favourite places to see landscapes of dunes and mountains of all colours, once again different to what you will have seen before. Make sure to turn around to see them from another point of view. Finally arrive at Sesriem, gateway to the famous Sossusvlei dunes and Namib-Naukluft National Park.
    Lodge: Self Catering room at Desert Camp. Basis: SC

    Day 13:

    This morning you will wake up extra early to head into Sossusvlei before the sun even rises. Climb to the top of Dune 45 to see the first rays light up the highest dunes in the world. Then head over to the famous trees at deadvlei, maybe climb Big Daddy then finish the morning at Sesriem Canyon.
    Lodge: Self Catering room at Desert Camp. Basis: SC

    Day 14:

    Today start driving north and make sure you stop at Solitaire for some Apple Pie. Continue on via the Kuiseb Canyon and Gaub pass with a quick stop at the Tropic of Capricorn. Arrive on the cool misty coast and get a few photos of the Walvis Bay flamingos before going to the quirky town of Swakopmund where you will spend the night.
    Lodge: In the center of Swakopmund, the friendly Meike’s Guesthouse. Basis: BB

    Day 15:

    This morning make the most of the town and buy a few souvenirs if you wish, there are some lovely shops with locally made objects in Swakopmund. A short drive, mainly on tar road, will take you to the epic Spitzkoppe. Stop on the way to have a look at the wide range of crystals, gems and semi-precious stones at the crystal market just as you turn off the main road. With a crystal in your pocket, follow the dirt road with the mountain looming in front of you.
    Campsite: At the foot of Namibia’s most beautiful mountain, Spitzkoppe campsite. Basis: SC

    Day 16:

    Today you will start driving back towards Windhoek. But first make the most of your location and explore Spitzkoppe on foot. Look for bush paintings dating back thousands of years, they are hidden around each corner. See if the rock pools currently have water and visit the famous arch for great photos. Once back at Windhoek you can explore the town a bit a buy your last souvenirs at the Craft Market
    Lodge: A simple lodge surrounded by wildlife and views over the mountains, Heja Game Lodge. Basis: BB

    Day 17:

    Today is your last day in Namibia and you return your trusty 4×4 to the Namvic office from which we will transport you to the airport for free.


    SC: Self Catering
    BB: Bed & Breakfast
    DBB: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

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